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Dear Majoy…

I remember feeling the fear just thinking that I may one day find myself without someone who will be there with me for life. Becoming single forever. Living alone. On my own. The fear, as I now analyzed was coming from wrong perceptions, added pressures from family and friends, and my own concept of single blessedness.

I was 26 when I got married.

Now, it has been 9 years! And guess what? I am actually looking back and asking myself.. what if I hadn’t allowed myself to be pressured, what if I hadn’t found the man I would marry, what if I am still single? and am actually excited on the what -ifs! haha. Coming here, seeing all the possibilities, looking outside the box, Majoy, there is really soooo much more!

Not that I am wanting to be single again. OK, for a day or two, would really love to be.. hehe see, no kids, no kiddy hubby too! hehe just plain old me spending my time just for me.. kinda all me, me, me!

Had I not married at 26, I know I would be going through the same way you are going through now.. but then again, as you said, in a way you were surprisingly happy of the possibilities.. single and open to see what’s ahead.

I remember, I was once told, the only way for me to see him is for me to ask myself what I really want my man to be.. 3 things.. then, BE that. We attract our thoughts. What we think, we create.

It may take time, but when we become who we really are, we will begin to do what we love to do, and then we will have our heart’s desire.

Believe it.

In the mean time my friend, smile, you have the world in your hands!


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Dear Bebeth…

Happy birthday girl!

She is Bebeth Mari.

She is talented, funny, kind and the best friend you’ll ever have!

She wonders about $$$ and gets it!

She hears beautiful music in the sounds of Mimoi hehe

She sees pretty blouses, pants and shoes everywhere!

She wants what she wants and Mario can do nothing about it! 🙂

She is Bebeth Mari.

She pretends to be Barbie wearing different attire everyday!

She feels like a mother truly!

She touches Mario and Mario wants more! hehe

She worries about ummm… nothing at all!??

She cries but wouldn’t show… right?

She is Bebeth Mari.

She understands your pain and gain!

She says uplifting words and jokes!

She dreams of US green card visa someday!

She tries to be, do and have whenever and however she can.

She hopes of so much more for Jomrie, Jeiah and her one true love Mario 🙂

And without a doubt, God loves her so!

She is Bebeth Mari.

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d’ chenezes

A friend is God’s way of proving…

life is rainbow of colors, we may have different points of views, different rules in how we play the game of life, different approach in how we handle situations – and because of these- there always new things to emulate and learn from! Life is never boring!


March, 2007 batch 2006-2007 graduation day!


Kristine Pabico’s bday celebration!



Majayjay Summer Fun!



It is a joy to be with “d’ chenezes” haha. Life in LCNHS will never be the same without them. Yes, we are public high school teachers and we love what we do! We strive to excel, we try to bring out the best in our students and we enjoy moments with each other, as we enjoy God’s life!

Respect for each one’s uniqueness, I would say is the apt reason why after all these time.. we are friends..

Indeed, a friend is God’s way of proving He loves us so much!

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Back in 1998, I was a college teacher then in Sacred Heart College when someone from Ateneo University introduced himself as my new co-teacher. Probably because we were of almost same age range that we kind-of arranged to have our lunches and break times together.. What was nice about this was that I also get to watch TWILIGHT ZONE episodes (hehe) after lunch and during off-class hours! – and would always tease him that in reality the only reason he was in the same school where I was, was because he gets to “play” all communication arts equipment that he proposed the school to have! hehe.

Unknowing of his intentions and of his plans with his life.. I moved on to search a piece of me outside of school…

We met again in 2000, my wedding day,.. and remembered him telling me.. “Gemma you should have gotten my services – but nah.. you won’t be able to afford me!” –  Still clueless of what the real score is of his own professional life…


Then came 2003.. this time another incident led me to check out a website
www.jasonmagbanua.com – it is his website! And golly he do charge a lot!


Either I am slow..  or simply not paying attention.. or simply a timing issue.. but it was really just this June, 2007 that it hit me who JASON MAGBANUA has become..
He is still who he is for sure (hehe) but it led me now to a deep realization of what passion can do for you and what loving what you do means. 

From start I have seen how passionate he is in whatever he is doing, be it teaching, directing, acting, editing, communicating, even finding his own love affair (hehe) and with all honestly…

I am at awe with how you have tapped the creative energy that is at work each time you do your client’s wedding on site music video.. It no longer becomes just a client’s video, in my mind it has become your own.. your own “creative” creation. As real as magic.. you have become one…

I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if one day I see billboards with your name on it – all over the world!

I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with you a lifetime ago hehehe. Thanks for the lessons! God bless you always!

I have become addicted to watching videos at lunch and off-class once more – makes me want to marry my husband all over again and get to watch my own on site music video as I watch A JASONMAGBANUA VIDEO.. twilight zone in action hehe!

And oh, he is expensive, yes.. but sooooo worth it!

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for you hablis gf’s :)

Shores never meet but share the same ocean. The moon and stars couldn’t be one but they are in one sky. Friends never have to meet often but they never stop being friends…

Got this text message from a dear friend named Claire.. She, among with Clarissa, Giselle, Majoy and Mavi has always been like a sister to me..Yeah friendship that has grown stronger.. from playing volleyball to dance intermission numbers at our own home association get togethers, from playing pool to summer swimming, from simple admirations a.k.a. crush to boyfriends.. from blooming late (that’s me) to uneventful Clarissa’s shower party as she is the first one to marry untouched! uneventful for we remained such, good girls, hahaha 🙂 from having boyfriends to tying the knot! to kids! And still from eating to eating and eating! 🙂 We will never run out of stories to share. J

Time and again, we, I guess, no matter how many tides, waves, eclipses, and whathaveyou, will always remain friends.. We may not see each other often, and we are not always complete! Sad fact, in due time, we may only be seeing each other via net, hu hu hu, but

as magical as one summer’s day

when destiny brought us together to play.. poetic huh?!

come a time when we’ll be old and gray (it still rhymes..)

I know we’d still be together come what may (ha! Hehehe)

I will forever cherish friends like you

.. we are trekking our own courses, setting our own plans, dreaming our own dreams and we are victors in our own right, and yet.. we know we simply are those 15-16 yr old teenagers playing ball in the volleyball court of life..

Sometimes we hit well, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But we continue to play, slippers and all, we continue to strive, we continue to be our best for each one, because we know we have to keep the ball up no matter what, and yet at times we don’t keep up, at times we are just plain lousy.. but still at the end of it all, we all know we’ll still be together eating chami to spaghetti, to Zym’s special to San Mig light, to Lucena to Manila to around the world.. Hehehehe

Kudos friends!

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