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I would like to believe that my experiences are simply because of pure luck or coincidences but are they really?

I was wanting to eat Goldilocks polvoron, really simple story, lol!

I asked my husband about maybe asking a friend to buy it for me, since she left to visit her family in the Philippines. Great timing, right? But, decided not to.

The next day, guess, what happened? I visited one of the schools, I was assigned to, and was greeted by one of the Filipino teachers working there, out of the blue, she pulled out a plastic bag full of goodies and gave me Goldilocks polvoron!

Did I attract it? Mmm…

Here’s more:

I was so sleepy and decided to sleep but I was afraid somebody might call me, so I turned my cellphone to a silent mode. Just minutes after I went to bed, somebody knocked on the door looking for me!

How lucky could I get?

If there are no coincidences… then, I guess, with just my THOUGHTS I was able to attract the simple Goldilocks polvoron that I yearn for and my fear of being disturbed actually brought me the very thing that I did not want!

Maybe, there is really some truth in the Law of Attraction.

.. and maybe, I could make good use of that law in bringing about people, things and places that I want in my life.

Interesting, huh?


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 “The only way that I will ever be great to myself is not what I do to my body but what I do to my mind.” – Ramtha from the documentary “What the bleep do we know”.

Hey, it’s all about infinite possibilities, how powerful our mind is and how our thoughts can become our reality.

I remember being scared of just the thought of “infinite possibilities” – since it also equates to anything can happen…AS IN, anything! Just like an ocean full of possibilities, vast, large, powerful.. scary!

I know I can just focus on the positive extremes but knowing there is the negative extreme too can be “goosebumps-maker” indeed!

Nonetheless, I think cleansing our thoughts of negativity and addiction matter a lot too!

Our bodies are basically the manifestation of our very own thoughts.

Our bodies may already be telling us something, and we are still not aware of it, until the last-minute… we may already be feeling its effects but have forgotten about the cause.

Sometimes, until we do something with our minds, how we think, what we think about, how we react, how we let things go, how we work with our ego and pride.. until we do some soul-searching and reflection.. our bodies won’t heal.

If we don’t like what’s happening to our bodies, then we need to take responsibility and address its cause – which is all in the mind.

It can really get complicated this “body-mind connection”, so maybe up to the level where we can still choose, let’s think wisely.

Time is short to hold grudges, so let’s not; amongst others.


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So, what if after following “..whatever-your-mind-can-conceive-and-believe, it-will-achieve” mindset and just tried to focus on what we want, STILL the result isn’t what we want? 


What will we do next.. and how come it didn’t work?

Well, I’ve just read THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne book again, and interestingly, my question, just got answered:

Quoting from the book, page 146: 


Don’t become mesmerized by the pictures that have appeared if they are not what you want. Take responsibility for them, make light of them if you can and let them go. Then think new thoughts of what you want, feel them and be grateful that it is done.

Now, here’s my point of view:

Maybe, just maybe, it didn’t happen because for a thing to manifest, it actually needs our emotions in it. The feeling of being happy about it.. the feeling of ecstasy.. because we really want it!

.. and another rule of the thumb is never to ever let any negative thoughts come into play. No negative energy what so ever!!


Just block it.. focus, focus, focus!!! Lol.. but really it’s not that hard.. we simply need to be grateful for the blessings, for the love and light that are with us now.


If it still won’t happen, then let’s continue to give praise and bless the situation. God for sure has better things planned for us.

No, not that we are letting go of what we really really want, but we are just setting it aside, as we focus on another beautiful, positive and lovely thing.


Now, that’s what I call.. living an abundant life of blessings and praise.


May God continue to shower us with His mercy, love and compassion as we hurdle life’s challenges and mystery.



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The hints..

  • I would always tell myself and others that the only reason why i want to travel to US is to see Disneyland… (and I’ve been telling that for the longest time! :))
  • See “Who I want to meet?” in my profile and you’d see Disney characters! hehehe
  • There came a time when I didn’t want to look at pictures of friends in Disneyland anymore.. not because I envy them (or maybe?) but more of I see myself being there! and that’s totally weird.. but I do feel it! 🙂


Thank you God for making it possible.. Thank you..

Mr. Takanori Y. – my Japanese friend who I correspond via snail and e-mails since 1995, for the round trip ticket to California. I got to meet his organization of happy people in Kofuku-No-Kagaku for 2 hours (and he’s given me 10-day spring break plane ticket just for that!:) God is good!

Mardee M. – my long time friend back in Bangkal, Makati days for the accommodation and one hour trip drive to Disney way.. She’s seen how I shrieked and how my palms sweated when the car neared Disneyland!! hehe

It happened March 22, 2008 .. for sure there will be more visits to come and there will be so much more to see aside from Disneyland.. but it was still the best day ever since coming here in America -because, indeed, it was a dream come true! (with all the freebies hehe)

It was once a beautiful picture in my mind… that became a reality!


Simply believe… dreams do come true! It has for me.. for you too 🙂

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real magic!

July 4, 2007 weird but true if you read this blog, and the forces I feel during this time, like, in my heart I knew doors, windows and even rooftops will open up for me because I allowed myself to enroll in Master of Information Technology! the intention was sooooo clear… or so I thought.. never did I realize until now that submitting to my husband’s pushing me out of my comfort zone (thus the further study in I.T.) was actually a mechanism for me to really get to my heart’s desire and real intention…

Years ago, I was taught.. If the intention is clear, the mechanism will appear.. No matter how impossible!

My point? Guess, up to now I am still soooo amazed by what transpired 14 days after I wrote weird but true because doors, windows and rooftops magically really did open up for me!

I am leaving the Philippines anytime now to work in the US, as a Sped Teacher.. got my visa approved last Sept. 12.

And as I write it down, it seems to be the most normal thing in the world!!!! haha the truth?  two months ago, it is not!

I completed units of Masteral in Special Education but since I am not able to apply my knowledge about it, the idea of ever going to work abroad in that line is way out of my thinking!

But God has His own purpose and reason! And though I am not aware of it… and am simply focused on what I want.. a complete and normal family, my kids growing up with both parents by their side, (fyi, my husband works as a seaman, so we simply get to enjoy his company for like 2-3 months in a year!) – and I get to be single most of the time too (which is also good! hehe) but I simply know and feel that it is about time I share my life to the person I married… and fulfill dreams with!

So I what to thank the people God used to lead me to at least experience handling Special Education students in Lucena City National High School-Main through computer subject.. for I know it paved the way for the opportunity..

I am thankful I am blessed and I know in time, I would be sharing all these blessings to my homeland, Philippines.. I know in my heart, there is soooo much more… and I am simply at awe still at how God works in His own mysterious ways!

A real magic in action..

July 18 – US employer interview via video conference
July 20 – a text message from the agency telling I passed the interview
July 27 – Job offer
Aug 30 – approved H1b petition
Sept 12 – approved US visa

What’s more amazing is how money that is “badly” needed seems to just pour on and on and on… real magic!

God is magic! We are magic in action! and I am grateful 🙂

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The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.. I bought this book way back June 18, 2001 but never opened it until last month!
It is a course in discovering and recovering your creative self.. hehe yeap! I consider myself being on the course with Julia Cameron…
What’s In It?? well, it is all about our spiritual path to higher creativity… kinda deep.. so I am taking it one step at a time…

One thing I noticed though is how my dreams have become so vivid.. I’d sleep in the evening still with the memory of the dream I had..

There was this one time, I woke up I think around 3am and wrote in my cellphone calendar.. Check out ASNA, instructional being.. the dream kind of told me to check it out since it will be of significance in my lifetime.. haha weird but still wrote “check ASNA, inst being”… As soon as I booted the computer I am using in school, I google search ASNA, hoping to find.. the word does not exist… but guess where it led me too? Yup.. www.asna.com

Amalgamated Software  of North America, a  Microsoft Gold Certified
Partner and Visual Studio Industry Partner.  ASNA is also a founding
member of the Midrange Alliance Program, an Advanced Tier Member of
IBM PartnerWorld whose products have achieved “ServerProven” status and
appear on the IBM System i Innovation Developer Roadmap.

And I was stunned!

Recently, due to my husband’s insistence that I do something with my life.. I enrolled in Master of Science in Information Technology in MSEUF, Lucena City.. and I am simply having the time of my life! – since I am enjoying my Saturday whole day study! Plus, additional Thursday and Friday programming courses!

So, information technology being in my both conscious and subconscious mind made me attract in my dreams a company existing in North America! Nice!

Bottom line, I now look forward to sleeping! hehe (joke) since, my dreams may lead me to some more puzzles that needs to be put together and in end create more impact as I open myself to the infinite possibilities of the universe..

As for ASNA, and its significance.. in North America, ok???  maybe, who knows? one day I may just find myself writing my first day of work in ASNA, hehe..

In the mean time, I study… 🙂

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dreaming magnet

Our mind is a magnet.. Whatever we think of we attract..
So better focus on what is good and what will make us happy…
focus on blessings, goodness of God and generosity of God..

Heard this one on Bo Sanchez’s talk – check it out

And so … I am reminded once more to put into writing my goals..
I am already anxious to get it done…

And then I remember..
There is time, season and place for everything…

Waiting time starts.. but oops.. dreaming isn’t over yet..
Am excited..

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