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When our desires are deep-seated, when we want something so bad, when we want our hopes and dreams to come true… what do we usually do?

Keep it to ourselves or let the whole world know about it?

My mom would always say that if you have plans, keep it to yourself. Let it be between you and God first, and when it comes to pass, then shout it out to the whole world!

I’ve followed that rule from ever since. I even posted about it here.

But really, what’s wrong with the picture of shouting out to the whole world your plans, goals, and dreams?

Just thinking aloud, is it because if we let people know the desires of our hearts, if we allow people to know our goals and plans; if we permit ourselves to be heard, is it FEAR that really holds us back?

Fear of people with negative vibes? Fear of people jinxing our plans? Fear of people who could take away our “power”? Lol!

OR is it more of an internal fear? Fear that if the plans don’t happen, people will be laughing behind our backs? and label us as failures?

OR is it more because by not shutting up, we lessen its impact on us and we become less motivated to make it happen?

Come to think of it, who cares if people know about our passions, the desires of our heart, our most precious dreams? Who cares if the whole world knows our wants and hopes? Who cares if they laugh behind our backs, it’s not our concern right? They can laugh all they want; it’s their choice, anyway.

I am sure they want the same thing, right? Or maybe, they have this super-duper negative energy that could take that dream away? Lol! That’s real power, huh?

When people with full trust in you share their dreams…

I dream of having a house and lot
I dream of becoming sexy
I dream of winning the LOTTO
I dream of having a green card
I dream of having a husband someday
I dream of becoming rich and famous
I dream of becoming a superstar
I dream of going home
I dream of traveling the world
I dream of speaking to thousands of men
I dream of a happy family life
I dream of going to US
I dream of going to Africa to help people

… starting today, let’s just bless them, let’s pray with them that it will come true, let’s be generous with our thoughts and give it to them, let’s just try to be kind and send forth our well-wishes even in our minds.

Because, it is God who planted that dream within them, and let’s just respect that.

Because, we are making a difference. In a world full of negativity, hate, and drama, we can still, in our own little ways, light a candle and shine.

Because, I still believe, for as we do to our neighbors, we do to ourselves… we do to God.

May our dreams come true today.



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“I realize that I will never have control of what other people  think of me, what they say about me or what other people told them about me… all these, I have no control of BUT, I can control ME. People will always have something  to say, but at the end of the day, what matters is what I am saying to myself! People may pressure me because, I do not conform to their social ways, but that doesn’t matter, for as long as I know who I am and what direction I am going, then I am fine.”

Or am I?

There are many forms of stress. The one stress that is beyond our control and that we shouldn’t even try to control is  the behavior of other people. Particularly, people who back fight, people who falsely accuse you, or people who just want to make you feel bad.

I learned early on that we cannot please everybody. There will always be people who are for us, and against us, and along the way lessons will be learned. I held on to that.

My funny story was that yesterday, my boss came to tell me that a principal called for him telling him about an issue on me. The head teacher reported that the new teacher told her that I declared that I am her boss and that even she, the head teacher, is under me! – Wow! A  real made up story coming from a supposed to be professional! There’s no truth to it at all!!

Never in my wildest dream would there be a need for that! I mean, if I’m the real boss, my subordinates would have already known right?!   It makes no sense! First and foremost, if I did say it, what value will it give me, will it increase my paycheck? no, right?  Second of all, what will power- tripping do to me if my job is simply to support them with their work? and Third of all, why would she lie? why would the new teacher put words into my mouth and accuse me of something I didn’t even say?!!!

Some would flare up knowing that and I did too.. so I told my boss what happened and what didn’t happen the day I met with the new teacher,  who was with us the whole time and told him my story. I even asked permission to send an email to the head teacher who’s been lied to and/or meet with everybody, just so everything will be cleared. I even proposed to my boss to hear the new teacher’s side just so he is seeing the two sides of a coin.. No Fears!

People handle stress differently. In the old days, I would have been confrontational about it. This time, I’ve decided on a more responsible way of doing things, follow my boss. He told me to let it be. He said, I have done nothing wrong so there is no need for further response. It is a new direction for me, the road less traveled, and decided to go for it. Not to control the uncontrollable.  I let it be.

So today, I greeted my boss, Good morning Mr., from the boss, the boss speaks and had a laugh about it, and he told me the new teacher is now looking for another job.. too early a karma.

I’m still pondering on where the new teacher is coming from, but instead of looking at it in the victim mode, I didn’t, you see-  it’s all good in the end,  for truly, I’m the boss. I am the boss of my own thoughts. I am the boss of my own creative world. I control me.  I am unique and I am incomparable. I lead me to my heart’s desires.

I have no control of what people may think, say, or do behind my back. For as long as I am at peace with how I treat people and myself, for as long as I know who I am and  what direction I am going  then I’m good.

Finally, you know what, maybe, she’s not telling lies after all, because, who knows, she may be prophesying and I’ll really become the head teacher’s boss someday! How fun would that be? 🙂

And so it is.

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A Knowing…

I live my life knowing that my prayers are already answered. What about you? Do you live your life knowing that your prayers are already answered?

This is a bold statement that I am trying to ingest as I write. To live my life knowing my prayers have already been answered. A great faith and yet it feels scary. Scary because it is not human-like. It seems that 100% there is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to be scared of, nothing to even think about but my wants, needs, dreams and goals. A perfect statement?

So when I say I live my life knowing my prayers are already answered. What  I am actually telling myself are three things:

First thing is Let Go and Let God.

To let go of my need to force things to happen. To let go of worries, fears, and just be like the birds in the skies free as they just let it be.  To just give it up and Let God take control.

It’s also easy to say but sometimes it’s pretty difficult to put into action. But then say, we have a problem, sometimes, after all the effort, the best way really to solve it is to give it up – because the more we worry about it, the more energy we put into it which makes it alive.

When we let go and Let God take control, it’s like we do everything in our power first and then we take a back seat and let God take the wheel to drive our lives.

Second thing is To think is to Create.

Mmmm…There is something about our way of thinking. Our thoughts create.  Whatever our thoughts are happens. That’s why there is a saying, be careful what you think of or wish for, it comes true. Our thoughts reap results- positive or negative. Positive thinking doesn’t offer guarantees but it gives us the best chance. Positive thinkers think about what’s possible. In concentrating on the possibilities, we make things happen.

Being positive for a day won’t do it. Strengthening your mind is like strengthening your body. If we do twenty push-ups, and then race over to the mirror, we won’t see any difference. Similarly, if we think positive for 24 hours, we will see a little difference. But discipline our thinking for a few months and we will see even bigger changes in our lives than we’ll ever see at the gym. Cleaning up our thinking is a life long work. It is huge! It’s made even harder because, often, we don’t even know we are being negative when we’re being negative.

If we want to check our thinking, check our life. Our prosperity, happiness and the quality of our relationships, even our health are a reflection of our most common conscious thoughts.

Third thing is To be at Peace…

Being at peace. Desiderata. Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there maybe in silence… Therefore be at peace with God.. whatever you conceive Him to be.. and whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life..keep peace in your soul.

You see when I was young, I have always believed that there are only purposes made in heaven, there is no such thing as coincidence.. I have always believed at the same time that life only gives lessons for me to learn and when I get to learn the lesson, I move on. If not life ,will continue to give the same tests but in different shade, color, form, occasion and setting.. yet the same lesson. So my thinking is that there are really no problems, because there are solutions. I have always thought of a glass as half full than half empty.

I live my life knowing my prayers are already answered. I will let this be my shout-out everyday. My daily affirmation. There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain. I live my life knowing my prayers are already answered, and without a doubt, it will be.

Everyone, let’s live our lives knowing that our prayers are already answered that way we will learn to let go and let God, create positive things and keep peace in our soul.


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“Why do you want to leave Louisiana?”, the principal asked me 6 months ago, “…because I’m in love with the mountains of New Mexico!” that’s true but honestly it was more of because I’m looking for a stable job.. every year in my old district I was always in the surplus list! PLUS, I heard from friends that they are sponsoring green card visas in the district! – but of course, I will not tell him that in the interview!

So I was hired, fell so much in love with the place, my school, my students, my co-workers, our apartment, everything about where I am I love! I started to dream again, made future plans, connected with my passion, made friends, enjoyed the simple life and then the BIG NEWS!

“..the district is also faced with budget challenges.. 7 million dollars cut from the 2011-2012 operational budget.. regular attrition.. LAST IN – FIRST OUT.”

The phone rang yesterday, I felt my blood rushed out of my face as I walked in the principal’s office. All the principals were there, and as I sat.. all I heard was “.. position no longer mine… budget cut.. based on seniority.. the regular ed teacher whose position was cut has Special Ed endorsement so I have to go..”

In the state of shock.. not knowing what to think of while walking out of the office.. I called my husband and told him, I was cut, I will no longer be with the school next year! I was so cool about it that made him not panic too!

I taught my last class as if nothing happened, my co-teacher heard about what happened but was decent about it too. After the class, I googled the net, “special education teacher jobs in the USA”.. but since I was still in the state of shock, I disregarded the websites on the screen and counted how much I owe my credit cards!!! BAD. REAL BAD.

So to date, I am still in the midst of a storm. And never in my entire life had I attempted to write about it but now. I had not told anyone too! Even, if they know, for sure, I don’t mind. You see, every year for the last three years I always find myself without a contract the following year and it seems like OK but this time, I have gotten to love everything about where I am! That hurts!

Leo Buscaglia’s words just kept ringing in my ears.. “An investment in life is an investment in change.. When you keep on changing all the time, you’ve got to continue to keep on adjusting to change- which means you are going to be constantly facing new obstacles and that’s the joy of living! And once you’re involved in the process of becoming, you’re doomed! you’re gone! but what a fantastic journey!”

A fantastic journey indeed! I am on H1B Visa AND I only have one year to be sponsored a green card visa!!!! I know I am doomed! and I am gone!!! BUT it made me cry, it made me think, it made reflect, it made me look forward to possibilities and most specially it made me believe in the goodness of God and His plans for me and my family.

At this time, I can only think of three things:

First, Trust that something really good is going to happen. All the doors, windows and rooftops are opening again to pour out blessings and graces. And this, I believe.

Second, Do what needs to be done. Apply, search for jobs, call, email, send letters.. the more prospects, the more possibilities of getting a job! I pray.

Third, Let it go. I am letting go of my need for a green card visa. I am letting go because God may have other plans for us. Resigning from the other district was a decision I don’t regret, I know my consequences, I know my results, I also know my reasons and what not for leaving. I don’t know why it happened, or if it was really designed to happen for a purpose in the first place. No blames, no need to justify, no need to uplift self and be proud. Just the way life is and I have no answer. I let go.

Miracles await. I know.

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